Sumter, SC Swimming Pool Sand Changes

Did you know your sand is just as important as chemicals?  We can replace the sand in your swimming pool filter for you. We remove the sand, clean out the filter, check all the internal parts and clean them as well. Once all of this has been done we put the internal parts back together, put the proper amount of sand back in the filter, re-install multi-port valve, and now your pool will filter the water just like having a new filter but without the great expense.

Make your pool cleaning much easier by getting your sand changed.  Remember, if you haven’t changed the sand in three to five years and you are having problems keeping your pool water clear despite all the chemicals you are buying, you may want to consider having us do your sand change.  Give us a call today.

Why do I need to change the sand in my swimming pool filter?

The sand in your pool filter needs to be replaced every three to five years depending on conditions like your year round weather, how much you swim in it, etc. Clean sand is just as important as having the correct amount of chemicals in your pool.  Having the correct amount and type of chemicals, clean sand and proper working equipment, will save you money on cleaning time and chemicals.

When the sand has been in the filter to long without being replaced it can get really hard. So, this means it is not filtering properly and it’s taking the easiest route back to the pool. when this happens, It is like it’s not even filtering but basically just recirculating in the pool.

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